Europe's Best Countries for Your New Business

If you are hunting for that best European country that is most suitable to accommodate your start up business, join the club of confused entrepreneurs! As most of you might be aware, you will have to choose a country from a group of 27 countries, otherwise known as a European Union. I will refrain from the act of picking out a specific country or recommending a nation of my choice - you will have to do it on your own!

  • Austria - Setting up a small and medium sized enterprises in this country was vastly simplified every since the introduction of New Companies Promotion Act and Commercial Register Act. Registration procedure is "one-stop" according to the authorities and if you have all the paperwork in proper order then everything should settle in their appropriate places swiftly. Online registration is supported - this is a huge vantage.

  • Belgium - If you wish to incorporate a clear distinction between company assets and associate assets, Belgium is the country you must be looking into. Ideally, your startup business must fall in Limited Company or Private Limited Liability Company or the Cooperative. Sometimes, you might be asked to summarize the commercial strategies and maybe even to point out the funding sources. The country boasts of three-fold programs that will delight any entrepreneur.

  • Cyprus - You will have to register your company at the Registrar of Companies for a nominal amount. You must file for registration through someone who is currently operating a business in Cyprus. Filing for registration through an active member of the Cyprus Bar Association is also recommended. As usual, a One-stop shop will help you in streamlining the registration activities. You can also seek assistance from Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

  • Denmark - Do not let the host of complex laws deter you from starting a business in Denmark. Since the new company registration process is governed by a series of laws, it is wiser to seek help from a reputed legal advisor. The Danish Commerce and Companies Agency must be your one stop destination. You will have to furnish them with the legal procedures in Danish.

  • Estonia - The rules pertaining to starting a new business in Estonia is classified into two - Self Employed Individual or a Company. You should look out for procedures that will help in easily accessing an Activity License. An attractive feature of this country is the free registration process for startup enterprises.

  • France - A host of simplified laws were introduced by 2003 to streamline the starting up of newer business in the country. The Business Startup center is your destination to learn more about the procedures. Within a week and for an amount less than 84 Euros, you will be able to set up a business in France.

  • Germany - Unless you have a good business structure, it is impossible to start a business in Germany. You can also opt for hybrid business structures and must register the company with the Commercial Register. You should have a good understanding on Commercial Code and Civil Code.

Off course there are other great countries that are specialized in certain business sectors (like Luxembourg for banking) - but the above list should provide you with a good startin point...

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